About me

My name is Vladimir Djokic. I've been dealing with circuits since I was 14 years of age. My first circuit was a stable multivibrator with BJT and led diodes.I can not describe how happy I was, when led diodes started to blink.

Today I am a 35 year old software engineer, by hobby and profession. I've started to write Droid Tesla 14 months ago for fun, in my spare time. Today Droid Tesla has almost 50,000 users and has become a very serious and very ambitious project. At this point Droid Tesla can simulate over 40 elements, and will not stop there. Soon it will be possible to create custom ICs and also it will be connected to the Web, so the users can publish their circuits, download circuits of other users and even discuss about some topics...

Yes,Droid Tesla has very big ambitions, but I need Your help.If You like Droid Tesla, please rate and comment, and if You realy like Droid Tesla please buy it, and support Droid Tesla project and I promise you that we will build the best SPICE aplication for Android platform!

Or try the free version of Droid Tesla at AppBrain 10,000-50,000 downloads

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